Essay on Hope And Despair

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Glimmers of hope and despair can come in waves. After two years of teaching 3rd grade, I was hit with a tidal wave of despair. I had too much pride at the time to admit it, but I couldn’t do it anymore. In order to cover up my cop out I returned to graduate school hoping to find whatever it was I was looking for. A year had passed; I found myself energized and wanting to return to the classroom. I spent a year diving into minds of Paulo Freire, Norma Gonzalez, and bell hooks. I restructured my educational ideology. I was ready to change the world. Thankfully, the school where I interned offered me an interview, which consisted of 10 people shooting out questions and vigorously taking notes. Given the body language and looks displayed as I answered the questions, I figured they thought I was just another new teacher that wouldn’t survive. The principal took a chance with me. She handed me a job and endless amounts of life lessons all in one package. Class 301 was definitely a memorable one. I had a class of students who knew exactly how to push my buttons. No matter what I did, I always felt like I was running uphill. On several occasions I prayed to the attendance gods hoping a few of the students would be absent. Of course that never happened. One particular student stood out to me that year, for better and for worse. Let’s call him Bryon. He was definitely the “man” of the entire fifth grade class and the ladies loved him. No one stood in his way…

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