Hope : An Intrinsic Emotion Essay

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Hope is the thing that lets us keeping drudging on in this world. Hope allows the sun to rise each morning, lets seeds grow and bloom, makes each second worth living, and gives us the ability to look for the best in the worst situations. Without hope the world would be entirely different. Hope is an intrinsic emotion each human possesses and utilizes each and every day. The Oxford English Dictionary defines hope as “a person or thing that gives desire or promise for the future” (“Hope”, 1899). However, hope is much more than just words written on a page, as there are vastly greater and deeper meanings to the word. In this essay, I will argue five separate ideas that encompass the concept of hope. My first argument is that religion gives us hope. Secondly, Christianity’s Virgin Mary is one of the largest ‘givers of hope’ in the world. Thirdly, hope goes hand-in-hand with ethics and plays key roles in many different ideologies. Fourthly, that we need hope and it is beneficial to humanity. Finally, hope is not only limited to religious people but that every human can experience it even if they are atheist. For there to be such an incredible amount devotion and practice around the feeling, there has to be something more behind it or within it—something impossible to explain yet completely understandable. Thousands upon thousands of religions have stemmed from this seemingly simple, yet extremely complex emotion. Knowing that, I argue that hope brings us religion, as hope is…

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