Hoosiers, Film Analysis Essay

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Hoosiers Film Analysis

Why I selected Hoosiers Let me first begin by saying I am a huge sports fan. I played almost every sport growing up and have always loved watching sports, in particular college basketball and any type of football. I saw Hoosiers a few times growing up and enjoyed it every time. In my opinion it is one of the greatest sports movies of all time. The acting of Gene Hackman is definitely an Oscar winning performance. Even though this is not based on a true story it is very believable to me that this event could have occurred, and for that reason it enhances the emotion I feel when they fight through diversity and win the state championship. All of the above are the reasons I chose this film, I knew I would
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The final conflict I am going to discuss is the one between Coach Dale and his players. The players were used to a certain way of being taught and being treated, with a lot more playing and a lot less fundamentals and strict rules. When Coach Dale showed up and tried to change that there was restraint with some of the players. Two left as the first practice started and one wanted to follow his own rules by not passing and speaking out of place. This was the biggest conflict of all to overcome because without these players the coach could not succeed.
How were Metaphors Used? Throughout the movie I found seven metaphors that were used by individuals to intimidate, defend, or amuse. The first one I noticed took place on the first day of practice when Holly said "I feel like I'm in the army," and Coach responded with, "you are, you're in my Army." This was done by coach in an intimidating fashion to let the players know who's in charge. The second metaphor took place between Coach Dale and Myra. Myra compared a basketball hero to a god, stating that's the way they were treated around their small town and she didn't want it to be the high point of Jimmy's life. I think Myra used this analogy to intimidate Coach, to let him know she's watching him and will not allow Jimmy to fall into this group. The third metaphor I noticed came from Opal Fleener when she said to Coach Dale, "Sun don't shine on the same dogs ass everyday but mister

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