Essay on Honors Biology-Early Topics

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Honors Biology
(modified from Foundation Notes)

Unit 1

Early Topics

Main Sections

* Definition of Biology * Characteristics of Life * Levels of Organization * SI Units and Relative Size * Scientific Method * Classification and Binomial Nomenclature

Definition of Biology CHAPTER 1

Biology can be broadly defined as the “study of life” or the “study of living things”. It includes molecules that are made, used by, or derived from living things. It also includes certain groups like viruses, prions, and virions that lack a complete cellular structure but which are agents of infection.

Characteristics of Life CHAPTER 1

If biology is the study of life, how do we
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You will also need to be able to turn a number into scientific notation. i.e. write 124000 as 1.24 x 105 or 0.0005724 as 5.724 x 10-4

The Scientific Method CHAPTER 1

The scientific method is a supposedly objective way to investigate natural phenomena. It only accepts empirically-repeatable evidence, and it is not a belief system. Though there are various approaches and possible sequences, the following is typical for the investigation of biological phenomena.

1. Typically the first step is an observation. This can range from something unusual observed on a woodland walk to a chance comment made by a colleague in conversation, an odd occurrence noticed in a newspaper story, or unexpected data in a scientific paper. A scientist might spend

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