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Honor Most Foul
Amanda Price
Charleston Southern University Honor Most Foul To honor or dishonor one’s self or family is a practice in many religions in both Eastern and Western religions. To honor yourself or your family is to bring prosperity and life to your family name. However, to bring dishonor to yourself or your family typically brings destruction or death to not only the dishonor, but also the cause of the dishonor (Reed, 2015). An example of this type of ideology includes murdering a victim of rape due to the fact she was inadequate in her practices (of taking care of herself) and fell to victimization. This type of murder is called honor killing (BBC-Ethics-Honour Crimes, 2016). Honor killings are an unfortunate part of today’s society. This unfortunate aspect of our society takes thousands of lives worldwide every year. In fact, 5,000 people fall victim to these types of murder internationally on an annual basis. Reportedly, around 2,000 of these murders come from India and Pakistan (Statistics & Data, 2016). However, statistics and reports are severely lacking due to the sheer nature of this type of crime. This nature includes a variety of religious practices and secret societies in which crime often goes unnoticed.
Previous Context
Historical Context
It is entirely impossible to say exactly when the ideological nature in which honor killings first appeared in the history of mankind. However, there are historical scholars that say that the…

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