Honor Of Chinese Martial Arts Film Essay

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In order to understand and accurately analyze how directors illustrate honor in Chinese martial arts film, it is imperative that we understand honor’s origin, meaning, and modern connotation. Historically, honor has been an incredibly intricate and important concept in Chinese martial arts and it has its roots in some of China’s most revered philosophers. Honor in martial arts has evolved from two primary philosophies; loyalty and universal love. Loyalty is the sense of devotion to a group i.e. family, temple, or even gang and its teachings in China can be traced as far back as 551 BC with Confucius. The notion of universal love is slightly more complicated and can be considered an extension of loyalty. It comes from a source whose opinions on human nature differ greatly from those of Confucius. Universal love can be traced back to 450 BC when Mo Zi lectured about the unethical nature of humans. He noted that although loyalty was admirable, people should not only “love themselves”, but they should also “love others.” Moreover, Mo Zi lectured that there needed to be more filial piety, harmony, and overall respect between brothers. He saw universal love as a solution to many of the problems China was facing in his lifetime. These two views, along with a few others, merged together to form the code of honor that many of history’s great Chinese martial artists have dogmatically adhered to for centuries. They also form the basis for honor today that is expressed in many modern…

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