Honor In The Iliad Analysis

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In Greek society, heroes live their lives conforming to honor and pride in all their varied forms. Honor triggers an epic war, in The Iliad, it takes the life of many men and shapes their character. The fall of Troy is “a thing…whose glory shall perish never” (Homer, Iliad 2.324). Honor guides every action and response, for example honor of the family, community, and individual shapes the poem as a whole. Honor defines the hero, which sets up the foundation of everything that happens in The Iliad. Understanding honor in The Iliad helps understand the motivation of the heroes. Honor is gained by heroic actions, behavior, deeds, and achievements completed by the hero. Honor is a public recognition of one’s excellence. These actions were confirmed …show more content…
He “learned to be valiant and to fight always among the foremost ranks of the Trojans, winning for [his] own self great glory, and for [his] father” (Homer.Iliad.6.444). Priam, Hektor’s father tells him to stay inside the walls of the city because the Greeks are rapidly approaching the city of Troy. Hektor ignores his father’s advice and goes outside the walls of the city. Due to the fact that he let multiple Trojan warriors die, he feels that he owes it to them to face Achilleus. He also has no choice but to maintain his honor and gain the respect from Achilleus. Hektor must fight and leave all his fate into the hands of the Gods. Once Achilleus approaches Hektor, Hektor runs around the city walls four times. Athene, who transformed herself into Deiphobos stood close to Hektor and spoke to him saying “Dear brother, indeed swift-footed Achilleus…. beat him back from us” (Homer.Iliad.22.229-31). Hektor answered “I am minded all the more within my heart to honor you”(Homer.Iliad.22.225). Hektor fails to live up to his ideals and die for his honor. “Let me at least not die without a struggle, inglorious, but do some big thing first, that men to come shall know of it”(Homer.Iliad.22.304-05). When Hektor courageously charges into battle, knowing there is no going back, the reader gains more respect for him. Hektor’s honor helps him become the greatest warrior in the city of Troy. It eventually leads to his death and the fall of

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