Essay on Hong Kong Of Middle East Country

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Even though the development of Hong Kong is earlier than Dubai, in nowadays, Hong Kong and Dubai are both outstanding representatives of the modern city in the world. Hong Kong locates in the center of Asia; and Dubai locates in the center of World. Regardless of economy or technology, these two place are lie at the forefront of the world. Some people said that Dubai is the" Hong Kong of Middle East Country." Moreover, the tourism industry in Hong Kong and Dubai grows at a rapidly speed. In 2010, Dubai ranked 7th in world city visit with 7.4 million visitors. In 2011, Hong Kong ranked 14th in the world city visit with 22.3 million international overnight visitors and 19.6 million day visitors. In this way, tourism is one of the main driving force of growth in Hong Kong and Dubai. Along with the investment to the tourism industry, these two place would attract more visitors in the future. While people choose their travel destination, they usually wonder between Hong Kong and Dubai. Thus, Hong Kong and Dubai had something in common, while there are still lots of difference between them. In order to decide whether to travel to Hong Kong or Dubai, it need to compare and contrast these two places among different categories. First, it is the geographic location. For the similarities, Hong Kong nears The South Sea of China, while Dubai nears The Arabian Gulf. Thus, both Hong Kong and Dubai possess port location. Port location provide a good opportunity for these two places to…

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