Honeybees Essay

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MLA Template “The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others.” (Schaff 420) The honeybee is an insect that has provided humans with sustenance, medicine and sweetener. In some early cultures the only sweetener available was honey. The importance of honey in America is more than just its saccharine properties. Honeybees are crucial to the current functioning of agriculture in America. We need to find out what is causing bees to be destro
((What is a Honeybee?))
The Honeybee is classified as an insect. It has 6 legs so it is called a hexapod. The other insects that are closely related to honeybees are ants,bees and wasps in Order hymenoptera. The honeybee has several similarities to its relatives. Honeybees are colony insects. The colony all works together in
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Not all scientists agree that colony collapse is a big deal. Most honeybee advocates report that approximately one third of all crops in the United States rely on bees. (Holden 2006) This may be true that one third of the crops rely on pollinators to some extent, but they do not rely on bees completely. Only 6% of the crops in the developed world rely completely on bees and other pollinators to produce a product. (Aizen 5) Most crops that take advantage of pollinators do not require them to produce a product. Crops in this category will produce more and or better products in the presence of pollination, but it is not required to produce a product. There is a spectrum of pollinator dependence of crops in the world. Pollinator dependence ranges from no pollinator dependence to essential dependence. There are four ranges of crops dependent on pollinators: little, modest, high and essential. These categories show that not all plants are completely dependent on pollination. Among these plants very little compensation of land would be required if the pollinators

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