Honeybee Research Paper

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The role of a honeybee has an impact on us all, from every third bite of food we eat to almost every budding flower we see. Grocery stores depend on seasonal fruits and vegetables what would happen if these disappeared from our shelves, would anybody know why? Although many endangered species, this vital insect to life may become the next on the list. Not only can we blame big organizations for destroying habitats in no ecological farming techniques, along with harmful spraying of chemicals upon most of the honeybee 's food source. Few in political power have failed to see the devastation in their work, yet those with small influence have been able to get assurance out that something can be done. Honey Bee’s will soon be affecting our global …show more content…
Pollinators don’t get much credit in our society especially due to them being insects, still when we think in terms of our food and even food security we tend to think differently about these cross-pollinators. It’s the humble honeybee out of the pollinators that have caught the attention of many scientific reporters attempting to publicize the situation to the public to adopt a ‘Bee Plan’ in order to create a safer environment not only for the honeybee but for butterflies, Bats, and many more pollinating animals out there. (Greenpeace, 2016) Despite the lack of statistical information on total populations of bee breeds, many beekeepers have their own assessment and conclusion on the decline of their bee boxes. While every year a bee hive will knowingly loose 10-15% of its hive but in recent years, farmers have seen 25-30% of their hives lost. This they can account for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) a recent occurrence leaving a hive with a queen her young and honey but not …show more content…
Naturally this is a bee’s winter storage that we may take granted for sometimes knowingly, but when hive are isolated from their forage of nutrients such as orchards, gardens, and crops that are in need of pollination but are instead genetically modified to cross-pollinate itself then we are taking away a crucial part of this bee 's existence. (Greenpeace, 2016) On the other hand, you also have orchards and large croplands that are purchasing in a lot of bees boxes from beekeepers globally, they will distribute boxes around your desired crop to be pollinated and leave the bees for a few weeks to do their thing. This has been an essential way for farmers large and small to pollinate their crops naturally especially when not any large bee colonies around. In spite of these beekeepers and farmers good intention the business industry wise is pricey. In California’s Almond season almost 1.8 million bees colonies are shipped in from all over the US about 90% to pollinate 80,000-acre almond orchards. Unfortunately, a high number of these orchards have reported theft among their bee boxes, adding up to $20,000+ in misfortune, uncoincidentally due to the rising cost of pollination. (L.J. Devon (Natural News), 2016) This is a direct effect of the bee population devastation, to have numerous account of forklifts and trucks in the dead of night steal innocent

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