Honesty Is Not Lying, Cheating, Or Stealing? Essay

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Honesty is the avoidance of knowingly deceiving yourself or others. Honesty means not lying, cheating, or stealing, whether it is done with malicious intent or not. This holds true even in situations where dishonesty seems like the easy way out. Perhaps one of the least considered, and possibly most difficult, aspects of honesty is being honest with oneself. Everyone has moments where lying may seem like the easy way out. Take the little boy who breaks the vase while playing ball in the house after being told not to, for example. When his mother asks what happened, instead of being honest in admitting that he disobeyed her and broke the vase, he lies and tells her that the dog knocked it over. Now when she finds the ball while cleaning up the mess, he will not only get in trouble for breaking the vase, he will also get in trouble for lying and be left feeling guilty. Had the boy told the truth from the start, his mother most likely would have appreciated the honesty, and he wouldn 't have gotten in as much trouble or had the guilt associated with lying. In this scenario, the boy chose to lie instead of being honest because he thought it would be easier. He may not have initially intended to be dishonest, but in an attempt to avoid punishment, he misled his mother. Another example that is not commonly considered is a white lie. While a white lie is typically devoid of malicious intent, quite the opposite actually, the intention is often to spare another 's feelings, it…

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