Essay on Honesty, Dishonesty and Manipulation in Othello

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Belief in the words and, therefore, the honesty of others is often the cause of action undertaken by people. This is certainly true of characters in Shakespearian plays. Characters’ honesty, dishonesty and manipulation in William Shakespeare’s play Othello is central to the plot of the play as a whole; that is, characters’ manipulation is the start of causation in the play. Antagonist Iago is a confidant to the Moor general Othello. Iago is not given the promotion he desires and believes is justly his. Outraged, Iago sets a multifaceted web of deceit – lying, killing and stealing. This initiates the primary plot of the play which follows the development in Othello’s character, his growing rage and disbelief in his wife, fuelled by the …show more content…
The handkerchief symbolises the glue that holds their relationship together. Once this ‘glue’ has been removed there is no longer anything to keep the two from splitting and hence a sense of dishonesty and mistrust becomes apparent between them. Othello is soon to find that Desdemona has indeed

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