Honesty And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Honesty has always been a value in American society. It has helped shape the society that we know today and is a factor in our everyday decisions. As honesty can play a role in our common decisions, the community we are surrounded in also has a heavy influence. This influences impacts the decisions we make and how we respond to the stimuli around us. Every society has its own rules and social norms that must be abided by in order for a society to function. For a society to function most efficiently, everyone who is a part of it would need to live by their set rules. Honesty plays a role in this psychological concept in our society. Our society has created a norm of honesty but also allows for lying so our community can survive. While dishonesty is an inevitable part of human social life, a completely honest person may still be able to function socially in a society that needs a certain amount of dishonesty to proceed. With the way our American society has created our rules and social norms, dishonesty has become inevitable. Many people every day tell little white lies that allow them to continue to function in our society. In the fast paced time we live in, people do not believe they have the time to explain what is happening in their lives, therefore they find it easier to say that they are fine and move on with what they are doing. These lies allow for us to move forward in society and without it, the whole system may fall apart. One of the strongest examples of this…

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