Essay on Honest Tea Project

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Honest Tea Management Project Honest Tea has humble beginnings with Seth Goldman and his professor Barry Nalebuff producing a healthy alternative to quench human thirst. The creation of this simple beverage is through a natural boiling of tea leaves. The name Honest Tea was determined by the owners desire to develop honest relationships based on passion, social health and environmental responsibility. Honest Tea’s mission “To create and promote great tasting, truly healthy, organic beverages” is simple and effective. Honesty and integrity are the initiative behind the majority of Honest Tea’s decisions. Improving farming, education, nutrition, environment and healthcare are challenges that Honest Tea takes seriously on a daily …show more content…
As Honest Tea is growing, employees are also needed. Currently, management has made decisions to expand in several areas. The positions of Accountant, Marketing Assistant, Brand Ambassador, and Road Warrior Intern are needed. The job requirements for an Accountant for Honest Tea consists of a Master’s Degree in accounting with a minimum of 4 years experience. A complete knowledgeable understanding of accounting is required. The specific job functions include managing all accounting records, preparing financial operation statements, verification of data for audits, complete general ledger audits, and prepare monthly reports for tax manager. Other job functions include the reconciliation of all balances. The Accountant will provide necessary support to all other areas of the Accounting department while monitoring expenditures. A successful Accountant at Honest Tea embodies the highest integrity and desire to make a financial difference at Honest Tea as well in the community. The job requirements for a Marketing Assistant at Honest Tea consists of an Associate’s Degree in marketing, business or a similar field with a minimum of 1 year experience in at least an entry level marketing or communication position. The specific job functions include coordination of the production of Honest Tea’s advertising, media and sales campaigns with contracted advertising agencies. In

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