Honest Abe: The Great Emancipator

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Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe, The Rail-splitter, the great Emancipator, or his real name Abraham Lincoln, everyone has probably heard either of his nicknames or as one of the presidents of the United States.
Abraham Lincoln, one of the most remembered president in the US. We see his face on many of our monuments the Lincoln memorial and mount Rushmore. Being well know monuments he has been in. Why is he so well known? Well he freed the slaves and won the American Civil War to name a few things he has done. But there is much more about him then just being a president but also before as well. Lincoln had a rough childhood. From his father receiving a lawsuit, and causing them to move and became squatters, to later losing his mother when he was
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Lincoln Died the day after he was stabbed.
Lincoln may have died but for all the things he has done made him one of the most remembered president, being 56 years old and having a rough childhood to a lawyer and getting into politics to being president. He may be dead but his legacy still lives on.
Many years after his death the Lincoln Memorial was built on 1914 and was completed in 1922 and his face on Mount Rushmore.
Lincoln is told to children all over the US because of him freeing the slaves and bring the US back together, and he will be teaching to their children to theirs and so on so forth. Then we have people still weighting papers on him like me and many other kids that want to know more about Lincoln.
In conclusion Lincoln freed the slaves and brought the US together better than it ever was and still is to this day. We don’t know what other great things he could have done if he wasn’t killed and did his other term. In the end the US recovered from his death and became what it is

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