Honduras Essay

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Honduras is located in Central America, between the two countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua. You may find it pretty easy to fund Honduras on a map because its about the same size of Tennessee. The exact location of

Honduras is 15 degrees North longitude and 86 degrees East latitude.

Honduras covers 43,278 square miles, which is approximately the same size of Tennessee, as I stated before. The country of Honduras is full of all different kinds of land types including; wetlands, mountains and tropical rain forests. The Olancho Forest Reserve, which is the largest pine forest in Latin America, is also located in Honduras. The Olancho Forest Reserve is about the same size of Connecticut. Despite having a large forest reserve, Honduras
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Creole English is spoke by about 10,000 people in the Bay Islands. In school, English is a required course. Although it is required, few people speak fluently in English.

The Mayan empire began in what is now the country of Honduras. The empire ended about 800A.D., which is also when the Mayan population started to decrease. Christopher Columbus, who landed on Honduras in 1502, called it Honduras because of the very deep waters that lined the north coast.

For most farmers, their daily life is only interrupted on the days they go to the market and during religious festivals. Music and dancing are the main parts of these festivals. Some of the favorite dances include the Sique, which has parts of dances that the Indians preformed, and the Mascao, which consists of parts of African rituals. The dancers of the Mascao often paint their bodies and wear brightly colored masks.

Much of the migration into Honduras came from the Spanish in the late 16th century. Spanish conquistadors, or explorers, came to Honduras in the late 16th century and when they returned to Spain, they set out a few month later, only this time they brought more people to inhabit the country. Also much of Honduras’s population comes from Indian background.

Economically, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Honduras has two different regions: the high lands and the Caribbean coast. Originally, Honduras was dependent on the silver

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