Essay about Homosexuality

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I come from a country where homosexuality is such a taboo subject that it is not even covered much on the media. A news channel that discusses the issue is actually considered quite ‘brave’. Previously, I haven’t really gotten the chance to think about homosexuality and my viewpoint on it. I have always studied in a co-ed school, have had crushes on fellow guy classmates and have always had friends who were just like me. The thought of getting attracted to a girl or knowing any other female friend who did, was just disgusting, gross and unacceptable to me. My closest friends have been homophobic, so much that even when other girls would get physically close with each other as a joke, it would make them cringe
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All I can understand is that my religion defies homosexuality and even though I’m not a righteous Muslim, I cannot practice homosexuality myself or encourage it because religiously it will be wrong. However, what confuses me is how something as beautiful as religion, and the creator who created all his people with the same amount of love, could hate a group of people that much. And if homosexuality is biological, why did God create them that way? What is a woman who feels like she is trapped in a man’s body and a man who feels there’s a girl inside him screaming to come out, supposed to do, if homosexuality is such a sin?

All those who criticize homosexuals and define them abnormal, who are they to? What exactly is the definition of normal? Who defines that this person is normal and that person is not normal. No study has ever proven that gays cannot function as normal individuals or that their thought processes aren’t normal and hence that is the reason that homosexuality was removed, after it last appeared in DSM 3(diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders). I think the definition of normal differs with every society. It differs according to ones culture and has nothing to do with one type of individual who is just unique or stands out from the rest- that does not define him or her as abnormal.

I feel that we as nations are big hypocrites. We talk about respecting religion but we do not respect individuals.

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