Homosexuality : The Institution Of Marriage Essay

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b) Homosexuality Redefines the Institution of Marriage According to the Christian Institute (2012) the concise definition of marriage is the voluntary lifetime union between one man and one woman. This definition does not in any way include LGBT coupes. In effect, it explicitly establishes that Protestant Christianity views marriage as a union between the opposite sex, one that is immutable and cannot be altered (Christian Institute, 2012; Alliance Defending Freedom, 2015). In this regard, Protestant Christianity argues that the legalization of same-sex marriages that will see LGBT enjoy equal marriage benefits like their heterosexual counterparts, essentially reconstitutes the institution and definition of marriage to accommodate a union between a man and another man, or a woman and another woman.
c) Homosexuality Violates the Sacredness of Procreation According to the Christian Institute (2012), the Bible provides that procreation can and should only occur between man and woman. As a matter of fact, the Christian Institute (2012) argues that in the Bible, God expressly gave authority to Adam, a man, and Eve, a woman, to procreate and fill the earth. Therefore, according to Protestant Christianity, in order for procreation to occur, certain faculties must be satisfied, and the presence of a male and female is one of these chief faculties. Protestant Christianity fronts the question as to how LGBT couples hope to procreate, given the fact that such unions are constituted…

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