Homosexuality As An Adaptive Measure Of Human Evolution Essay

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Homosexuality has existed throughout history. Writings from ancient greek authors, poets and philosophers provide evidence supporting the idea that homosexual behavior was not uncommon. From an evolutionist perspective, this presents a paradox. Homosexuality goes against the idea of reproductive success as an adaptive measure of human evolution. Kirkpatrick (2000) asserted that homosexual behavior has existed throughout all cultures. For example, Melanesian, Tahitian, Hawaiian, African, South American, and Europe are among some of the cultures where homosexuality is normative. Is it possible that sexual orientation perception is an evolved trait gained through evolution? Evidence in this field has been mixed but we will attempt to determine if this does exist.
People are constantly interacting with other individuals and strangers. With each new person, a process of attaching labels and categorizing occurs. There is a comprehensive collection of data on the various types of judgements based on little or degraded information (Ambady, Hallahan and Conner, 1999). Cutting and Kozlowski (1977), Kozlowski and Cutting (1977) and Barclay, Cutting and Kozlowski (1978) asserted that people are able to make accurate judgements on the gender of walkers utilizing dynamic point light displays. Their experiments were comprehensive in that they manipulated their variables in several different ways (i.e. Point lights on ankles only, hips and shoulders, speed of the walkers, arm…

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