Homosexuality And The Christian Lifestyle Essay

1557 Words Feb 29th, 2016 null Page
Homosexuality and the Christian lifestyle do not belong together. Yet all those who participate in the homosexual lifestyle make excuses for their actions and some even justify them by twisting God’s revealed truth. True believers in Christ ought to recognize and promote that this sinful lifestyle defies the laws of nature, biblical relationships, and social norms. We are all born in sin and have innate desires that are rooted in our hearts to do the wrong thing. As Christians, we are called to fight against those desires and pursue a life that honors and glorifies God. Those desires can be anything from anger to sexual impurity. Kevin DeYoung is an American Reformed Evangelical theologian and author that utilizes Scripture to teach about man’s origins and what it reveals about human sexuality and marriage between one man and one woman in his book What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?. He states that by nature a man and a woman complement each other and how that is the biblical design for marriage (DeYoung 54). He points out the plain and simple truths of how a man and a woman come together as one to procreate just as God designed. This design is clearly evident throughout nature and the world around us. Once we deviate from this natural design and law there are consequences. These consequences not only effect homosexuals themselves, but extend to all of society. The false interpretations of Scripture, the inherent disintegration of the family, the…

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