Homosexuality And Its Effects On The Church Essay

1732 Words Dec 11th, 2016 7 Pages
Homosexuality is growing more prevalent and accepted in this day and age, Christians are now facing a tough battle with the controversy of how to handle homosexuality in the Church. Consequently the topic has become something of a “hot-button issue” for Christianity, mostly because of the negativity and repudiation that Christians tend to hold against homosexuals. When Christians hold the lifestyle choices made against homosexuals it in turn gives homosexuals the mentality that Christians are “judgmental, bigoted, sheltered, right wingers, hypocritical, insincere, and uncaring.”1 The controversy between these two sides (homosexuality vs. Christianity) is exhibiting people the characteristics and substrata of what both sides are predicating their opinions off of, and a plethora of Christian’s are not doing a great job representing true Christianity to these people. I am guilty myself as well of repudiating homosexuals and inditing them off as out of their minds, abhorrent people because I considered the issue as biblically erroneous and not a natural mentality, ergo the idea of “I should keep my distance and not associate with them.” Moreover, this mentality causes an abundance of Christians to get pulled into holding the lifestyle choices of the homosexual against them further causing additional pain as well as hurt to the homosexual community rather than reaching out to them in an endeavor to minister to them, which in part is why this subject is so controversial. With…

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