Summary Of Stephen Colbert's Book 'I Am America'

In his book I am America (And So Can You!), Stephen Colbert expresses the issue of homophobia and prejudice against homosexuals in America through his witty, dry, and sarcastic sense of humor. Colbert demonstrates the ridiculousness behind being homophobic, and hateful towards the gay community through his sarcastic writing style. Through his humor, Colbert makes homophobic individuals look and sound absurd for using hate and religion as an excuse to treat others poorly.
There are many social consequences Colbert discusses in regards homophobia existing within our society. First, and most importantly, as a society we play the blame game by targeting a group of individuals and blaming them for destroying social order, changing the way things “should be”, making others feel uncomfortable, etc. Homosexuals, unfortunately, are not exempt from this ridicule and hatred that many other races, religions, and types of people experience. Colbert points out how the very existence of homosexuals is enough to anger individuals who believe they are ruining social order or not acting in accordance with God’s standards (whatever they may be). When in fact, treating a group of induvial poorly and
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In this section of his book about homosexuals, particularly, his writing style involves short, quick, and easy to read sentences. He also includes humorous graphics and lists to make the book playful. His writing is persuasive by using humor to expose the reader to a social issue within our society. Colbert uses many elements of satire, including mockery, exaggeration, irony, and most importantly humor. The work was effective because it was interesting and humorous. Humor is a wonderful literary tool that can easily be slipped into literature, television, new, etc. Humor can be a gateway to attaining a certain outcome which is in this case used to convince the reader that being homophobic is perceived as unreasonable and

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