Homophobia And Its Effects On Individuals And Their Peers Essay

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Homophobia can have various harmful emotional and mental effects on individuals and their peers in the community. There are a number of strategies that can be put into effect to lessen the terrible effects, and to promote health and well-being. These include governmental programs, sexual education improvement and media inclusion. By including a sexual education program that includes safe sex for homosexual relationships, instead of purely heterosexual, the outbreaks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases could be reduced tremendously. Adding voluntary sensitivity training to retirement homes and communities will impact the amount of homophobic behavior committed by the less socially aware elderly. Another strategy to prevent homophobia is to increase the amount of homosexual and LGBTQ portrayal in the media, normalizing the LGBT community, and therefore reducing the amount of homophobia experienced by the LGBT community.

Homophobia is defined in the Online Webster Dictionary as an “Unreasoning fear or antipathy towards homosexuals and homosexuality.” Homophobia affects a large range of people, of all classes, genders and races. It is a world spread, harmful behavior that hinders and deteriorates the mental health of those affected by it, their friends and their family. Homophobia is an uninvited and unprovoked fear or hate of people identifying as being sexually attracted to people of the same gender, and despite the boundless developments made both socially and legally in…

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