Homophobia And Inequality Against The Lgbt Community Essay

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Although homophobia is not talked about as much as it used to, it is still a very apparent issue in both the United States and surrounding countries. In two recent articles I read homophobia was an issue in both. Neither article specifically talked about homophobia but both articles help prove that homophobia and inequality against the LGBT community is still going on and needs to be put to a stop. I read both articles “Parenthood Denied by the Law” by John Leland and “Pop Culture Still Fails Queer People” by Nico Lang. When you compare the two articles, the content is not very similar but they both address the underlying issues of homophobia and inequality. In the first article John Leland discusses the custody issue concerning two lesbians. The article discusses the relationship they had and the child that they brought into their lives. By the end of the article the judge expressed to the woman fighting for custody that if she were a man in the same position there would probably be a different end result (1). In the article by Nico Lang, he highlights the issue that many people are still uncomfortable to see a gay couple on television or on a movie whether they are sitting next to each other or kissing. It is obvious that when a heterosexual couple is on television making out nobody ever questions it. It is very rare to ever see a homosexual couple on television or in a movie.
The authors both inform the readers that although we overlook simple things like the fact only…

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