Essay on Homophobi A Tentative Personality Profile

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Homophobia is when a person has dislikes and has a fear homosexual people. Homosexual is thought to be when one has sexual attraction towards the same gender. No one really understands how sexuality and gender work, and one just makes assumptions based on the words, and opinions passed around. One does not choose their sexual orientation; while its is objected by conservatives, sexual orientation is based on several factors such as availability of partners, moral sense, the desire to have children, biological theories, curiosity, and financial incentives.
Homophobia is discussed more in the book Homophobia by Byrne Fone. He describes homophobia- as a fear, condemnation, loathing, and proscription of homosexual behavior. The word was coined in 1960’s and was used by K. T. Smith in 1971 in an article entitled “Homophobia: A Tentative Personality Profile.” (Bryne 5) Another source of homophobia is the fear that the social conduct of homosexuals, rather than homosexual behavior alone that disrupts the social, legal, political, ethical and moral order of the society, a contention supported by history and affirmed by religious doctrine. (Bryne 5) In a book Leo Bersani, Homos, he criticizes some homosexuals for being afraid to identify themselves as one of them, even though the presence of homosexuals is growing each day in America. (Bersani) Sometimes it takes homosexuals some time to accept themselves and come out of the closet because of they way society is towards…

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