Homogenization And Globalization

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In global studies, the term homogenization refers to an outcome that is evolved through globalization and transnational process. The term homogenization suggests an after effect that disintegrates difference and diversity and proceeds to result in sameness, similarity, and uniformity. The process of change of homogenization and its outcomes in the global and transnational flake is associated with the events of domination of the western world. Partily, in the sections of politic, social, culture, economy, and relations. There are many global and transnational issues surrounding westernization, imperialism, dominance, and more. Though, homogenization is a result that is a ‘theme’ between the sources we are currently studying in class.

Having known, there are positive and negative outcomes when it comes to homogenization. Homogenization is a method that evolves through transnational corporations/processes, and global issues. Having the ability to change a course of the action, results in either positive or negative effects; for example, Wal-Mart, source two. Wal-Mart is a transnational corporation; which is a company that operates in
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Monoculture, a process that is a homogeneous society without diversity or culture; which is overly shown in source one, “What town are we in?”. The source, “What town are we in?” excessively shows the depiction of the homogeneous and a monocultural society. By the sign, ‘tourist information’, it suggests that the couple that is questioning the lady at the desk, are confused by the American companies around them; which are transnational corporations. With the expressions the couple are wearing, depicts the way they are confused about what town they are in. The question, “What town are we in?”, showcases the imagery of “Americanization” caused by transnational corporations from the Western

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