Essay on `` Homo Religiosus `` By Karen Armstrong

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Even though an American can be defined as an individual that resides in America, it takes on a deeper meaning when one defines a "true American. America is a country that is portrayed as a melting pot. It is often described as such because it reflects the vast majority of immigrants moving to America to find freedom and new opportunity. With this comes new cultures, traditions and ideas But "American" is as broad of a term as "Freedom", yet we use the term loosely without ever defining it. So, what exactly is it"? An American comes with a systematic way of living just as many other cultures around the globe. An American can be described as someone who believes in freedom of self and other individuals. America is a place where people come to seek opportunity and liberty. In Karen Armstrong 's "Homo Religiosus" she defines religion as something essential to humans; dating back to the Paleolithic era. Armstrong mentions various religions on how they are all different, yet they all have similar teachings. The American system is defined by three main attributes; Freedom, Opportunity, and Diversity.
The first Right in the Bill of Rights constitutes of; freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of petition, and freedom of assembly. Freedom is the foundation America was built upon and is a given right to everyone in the country. It is what distinguishes America from others. Americans, believe we live in the land of the free, but we still live on a…

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