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Four Goals

The Four Goals of Psychology 1.) Circle or highlight one of the following problems: Stress, Depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Eating Disorder, Anger and Aggression, or Addiction

2.) Write the problem that you selected in each blank below. For each of the four goals, write information as it applies to the problem you selected. Your responses should be thorough (25-75 words for each response). You may need to conduct some research on the problem you selected to ensure accuracy in your responses. Cite a minimum of two sources.

* Describe depression: Depression is a mental disorder that can take a person from emotional balance for a long time and significantly degrade the quality of
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If in the depths of the subconscious, the person has belief that "world is unfriendly", and his behavior and emotions are relevant. Cognitive behavioural therapy helps to change person’s perspective on life.

3) Write an essay of 350-500 words that addresses the following: A. Why are the four goals important to psychologists? (Hint: Consider the different subfields of psychology.)
The four goals of psychology very important for psychologist to help the person to cope with his condition, to describe mental processes and behavior. With four goals, we can determine what mental illness or condition person has at that moment, what caused it, why it happened, and how psychologist can help the person to change his condition for better. For example, school psychologists help students improve disruptive behavior and meet learning goals, while clinical psychologists help patients overcome emotional disorders and substance abuse problems. (Farnen, 2014) B. Could the four goals hinder the field of psychology? Explain your response using relevant examples.
I think the four goals of psychology do not hinder the field of psychology, but rather help psychologist. It can be used in order to determine the disease and the cause of the behavior, and to understand how you can help the person. For example of depression we looked at all the stages of the four goals of psychology. C. What did you

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