Homework : What Is Homework? Essays

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What is homework? Coopers definition of homework is "tasks assigned to students by school teachers that are meant to be carried out during non-school hours" (Cooper 1989a, p. 7). Some exceptions would be in-school guided study, home study courses, or extracurricular activities. At different grade levels, homework can have a significant effect on a child 's overall ability to succeed. There are many bad ways homework can affect students. It can make them lose interest in school and learning. Younger students might complain of having a "tummy ache," if they do not understand or they think it is too hard. Homework stress causes students of all ages to have headaches or migraines. They also become physically ill if too much pressure is put on them by their parents, teachers, or even themselves (Laurel, n.d.). Homework undermines the motivation of the student, makes them more irritable, and makes primary students cry easier than usual (Laurel, n.d.). Because homework takes up so much of the students ' time, they have less time for community activities or sports (Cooper, 1989). Although some people might say that those after school activities are not mandatory which they are not, they help students to learn other skills that school does not teach such as how to work as a team, figuring what they did wrong and learning from it, sportsmanship (being nice to the other team even if they are not kind too), and being modest when they win. Family time and being social are also…

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