Homework Stress And Its Effects On The Classroom Essay

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A student goes to his room to complete a homework assignment assigned by his math teacher. But when he begins to dig through his backpack to find this homework assignment, he finds the other assignment from his math teacher and the other four assignments he had also forgotten about. The student is immediately overcome with a surge of anger due to stress and never seeing an ending to the long tunnel of homework. Just then his father walks in and the child snaps at him. Excessive amounts of homework can create an extreme level of stress. Overflowing amounts of homework can have many negative effects.
A lot of the time, homework will cause huge amounts of stress. Sometimes, a family can organize and plan for weeks to go on a fun family vacation or road trip, but too many times homework impedes the student from enjoying him or herself around their families. Many students have homework that needs to be completed using the internet, or a large, heavy, inconvenient to carry around text book. Even if it’s just a pen and paper, the student can become tied down and cannot take in the full joy and thrill of a good family road trip. When a student becomes stressed to the maximum with loads of
Urdak 2 homework from all of their classes, the student can become aggressive and snappy, especially if anything else even remotely stressful is going on in the student’s life. Assigned work past school hours itself can be presented as an extremely large antagonist of a student’s stress. The very…

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