Homework Should Be Banned From Schools

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Woop Woop! This is how I feel when I get an “A” in my classes. All the work has paid off, but some people say it doesn't. People are starting to talk about how homework should be banned from schools because, they say it doesn't help them. But me, and a lot of other people say it does help! One way it helps students is it gives students extra practice and mastery which improves grades. Another way it helps is it teaches students skills they will need later in life. I believe that homework should not be banned from schools because of those two reasons.

Homework should not be banned from schools because it teaches students skills that they will need later in life. According to “BBC news UK teachers call for ban on homework”, homework helps
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According to “how much homework is to much?”, homework helps students understand the concepts they're learning. This is good because some kids need extra practice in understanding what they're learning. Also, from “why homework is good for kids” Students need more time to do their work and it can't always be done in school. homework is given out to help kids understand their work, and if the students understand their work, it helps their overall grades. In the article “Duke Today”, Duke researchers have reviewed more than 60 studies on homework between 1987-2003 and concluded that homework has positive effects on student achievement. Some of their research was, students with homework did better on an end topic test, than students without homework. To add onto this, according to “The case for and against homework”, test scores are higher with students who had homework, than students with no homework. This shows how homework improves their grades. One of my personal experiences is, sometimes I don't get what i'm learning in math class or science, but because I have homework, it helps me practice and understand that subject. I feel that's why I have all “A’s” this year in school. Homework provides additional practice and mastery and improves grades. This is why homework should not be banned from schools.

Like i've been saying, homework shouldn't be banned from schools because it has a lot of positives to it. Homework teaches kids skills that they will need later in life. Also, it provides additional practice and mastery, which improves grades. Hopefully I have convinced you about how homework is good, and if I did not, hopefully in your mind you still think about the good things of homework, and not always the

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