Essay about Homework Lunch Break For A Target Group Of New Hires At Tntp

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Tuesday: Assuming work day is 7am-7pm (1 hr lunch break included) ~ after reviewing the items in my inbox, I have outlined below how I would prioritize the messages according to the information presented, parties involved, dates, locations, and situations that cause for immediate action.
Priority number one: address the scheduled three-day academic diagnostic and the last minute email sent by the principal to potential cancel the site visit due to not being comfortable with the potential impact it could have on the teachers. This needs to be addressed first because the site visit is tomorrow (Wednesday, August 17th), and we have teams (assuming 4 individuals on each team) that have already flown in to participate. (Draft emails to follow)
Priority number two: address the draft email expected to be sent to a target group of new hires at TNTP to participate in a training to become part of our school diagnostic review team. Since it is critical that these colleagues are trained quickly to meet the capacity needed to execute the upcoming review, my manager needs to see this draft email to move forward in reaching out to all who are involved in the training; making sure they plan accordingly. After I have completed this draft and wait for the green light to send, I will begin working in the next message; scheduling Karolyn Blecher.
Priority number three: address is getting Karolyn Blecher, President of TNTP scheduled into the site visit taking place next week in North Carolina.…

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