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VoxSkool Music Hub for better Health & Happiness! by Victoria Beebee

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In this day & age we feel worn down by so many daily pressures & emotions. We believe MUSIC is the MEDICINE of NOW!

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Victoria Beebee
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It aims to be a safe, warm and friendly place where nobody is judged, only supported and that people can come to and experience an amazing time away from their usual life and problems. It's a place to get some much needed balance and happiness back, which as we know is always a positive knock-on effect to those around us. Imagine, voices singing, instruments playing, songwriters writing & brains storming, people laughing and stress disappearing - this is Music Health in it's best form! If I know one thing, I know that music and singing has helped me no end in my life and I really would like to be able to offer many people out there the chance to experience the same great feeling of freedom through the one universal thing I think humans have in common - MUSIC! Ultimately I'm asking kindly please for your pledges to KickStart this project off, so I can find a building/hub to run all of the great beneficial sessions from, socially it will be a fantastic place for people of all ages and backgrounds to come to and in the future, the plan is to bring amazing coaches/teachers with the same mind-set to be part of this diverse team and project, whether it be a musical instrument, vocals, song-writing or a well-being group that uses all of

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