Essay about Homework Is Important For School Students

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Students of all ages spend most of their days at school. Once they complete their 8-hour shift at school students are usually given extra work to take home, which is for the most part due the next day and counted as a grade. Homework is assigned almost every week, and sometimes even every day. Although most teachers believe homework is advantageous, homework does not offer any academic benefit – instead, it causes stress, anger, frustration, eliminates family time, causes other mood and childhood disturbances, and ultimately makes a student become uninterested in school. Homework can cause stress in a student’s life, no matter what grade they’re in. During the student’s 8-hour day at school, they have to attend about eight to ten different classes depending on how many subjects are being taught at their school or what grade they’re in. Out of all those classes, a few – or in rare cases most – teachers give out homework for the student to complete at their own time. The students are dismissed from school at four o’clock in the afternoon and are then expected to complete more work at home. Let’s say each assignment takes about 30-minutes to an hour to complete, that is easily an extra 4-hours of class work. To me, that is absolutely stressful just thinking about it. The demand of homework and the threat students feel to complete their homework in a short period of time causes major stress, and could even cause the student to slack off or feel like they can’t handle all of it…

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