Homework Is Bad Essay

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Too Much of the Good Stuff

You can not go out with your friends or be a part of the community. You can not get a job because you have to much to do here. Why would you want to put more pressure on yourself? This is what teenagers are being told by their family, teachers, and classmates in the modern day society. Teens hear this speech on repeat due to the stress being placed on them by the school system. This stress and other negative effects comes from the amount of homework given to the students. The amount of homework given to students should be decreased, due to the negative effect it is having on students all over the nation.
Though to much homework has negative effects, it is still important in the school setting for not only the student
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A 2013 study showed that “one in four parents say their child is stressed because of homework” (School). With one in four students stressed, there are also one in four households stressed because of the increasing workload being sent home from schools. Homework is meant to help a child become more in depth into the ideas being taught in class. Not to lengthen the list of must do’s that is already waiting for them at home or cause them to miss out on their childhood. Their childhood should be spent with friends and family, but many students report that they will spend less time with others in order to get homework done. This time being taken away from others in their lives is causing them to not have time to destress from school. It is in talking to others and having fun with family and friends that students become more than just students in the world, but rather humans enjoying life. Homework is also causing students to spend less time outside “over the last thirty years the amount of time children spend outside has dropped by 50 perecent” (Abeles). With the loss of time spent outdoors comes an increase in stress because students are not able to escape from their school life. If students had time to be outdoors exploring the world around them and putting the lessons they are learning in school to use, they would no longer be stressed. It is this heavy workload that is making children 's lives harder all over the

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