The Importance Of Attempting To Jruggle Homework

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Kennedy Howery
Andrea Browning
Classic Model Essay
August 31, 2015

School is one of the most important resources available to humans today. Having a solid education sets and improves the foundation for the entire life of human race. Family is also a very large part of this foundation. A sense of togetherness and love is the basis of what every human wants and needs socially. Family is crucial to not only the development of a child, but also the continued development of an adolescent. Balancing these two important things together in this complicated and fast-paced life is quite the difficult job, and it takes dedication and determination to do it. Many people do not know how to balance these two things together. Attempting to juggle homework
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Teachers do not like to give it, students would rather not do it, and the parents would definitely prefer to spend more time with their children, but the truth is that homework is necessary to a solid education. There is only a limited time that the student can spend with a teacher, and to allow the student to really grasp and master the subject may take a little time outside of school to get it. There are around 7 hours in the average school day, and there are many subjects that the teachers have to cover in this amount of time each day, such as mathematics, history, etc. Until the student gets to the point where they have a career choice and they end up focusing on one subject, there is not enough time in the day to go over everything in class. Homework can be used as a tool to advance learning and speed up the process if a student is going above and beyond, and on the flip side, it can be quite valuable in the case where a student needs a little more explanation about the chapter or subject that was gone over that day. Every student is not the same. Each person has their own brain and their own unique way of learning things, and homework, if assigned correctly, can help a student with learning the …show more content…
Some believe that homework should actually be increased, and that more homework automatically translates to higher grades and test scores. However, it also translates to more pain for the student, and it eventually comes to a point where those people are more worried about the well being of the children or a higher letter on a sheet of paper in a system that is used to generalize and standardize kids around the country on a certain scale. Many also believe that the entire idea of homework should be abolished and is bad for schools without considering what should be the most important part of homework: Giving the student a better understanding of the topic gone over in class. Homework can be very effective if used in the correct way in the classroom. Yes, excessive homework is very detrimental to students, and yes, it can affect students quite negatively, but if introduced in moderation, it is a great benefit of school. It is not meant to be a difficult, painful, and stressful task that every student should be required to do; it is a tool to help the student have a deeper understanding of the subject. Students who think that homework is just busywork that has no purpose need to understand this. People want to be successful, people want to be wealthy, people want to rule the world, but they do not want to put in the work. Homework is a necessary evil in this world, but it teaches you

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