Homework Engagement At Home Is An Important Part Of The School System

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Homework is an activity that has been an important part of the school systems for many years, contributing to the overall experience of education for children. The concept of homework has been around since as early as the 1900’s, but has since evolved in its implications (cite textbook). Homework is the extension of a child’s day to support what is being learned in the classroom. Homework engagement at home is the opportunity to advance and support the children’s learning in their own environment. Homework involves the child’s microsystem and often involves a relationship with the child and immediate caregiver, in most situations the parents. In most cases homework, and the relationship with parental involvement has positive and negative affects on both the parent and more importantly the child. “Relationships in the microsystem are reciprocal – they flow in both directions. The child affects the parent and the and the parent influences the child”(cite textbook page 67). While the goals of homework are intended for positive influences and outcomes on the child’s learning, this might not be the case for all students.

Homework can have many pros for children and youth. The idea for homework is to be an extension on the child’s daily learning. By extending the child’s learning to their home environment it is creating a branch and allowing the parents to become involved, which can have many positive outcomes. One of the most positive reasoning’s of parents being involved in…

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