Homework Assignment 1 Essay

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Homework Assignment 1
Natasha Dodson
Allied American University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for [ENG 160], [HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 1] taught by [MARC THOMPSON].

Essay Writing: Part 1
I. Introduction
II. Body
A. Traveling 1. Luggage 2. People 3. Airlines
B. Vendors 1. Restaurants 2. Souvenir Shops 3. Massage and Relaxation
C. Security Measures 1. Police 2. Transportation Security Administration and Homeland Security 3. Random baggage checks
III. Conclusion PART II
1. What is the thesis of Johnson’s essay? If it is stated directly, locate the relevant sentence or sentences. If it is implied, state the thesis in
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The sound of it sizzling and even the sound you can move into place of the diner and lack of conversations between Ben and Lou. Smell- There is very few things that can relate to the smell of cooked ham. Any person on the planet can get a grumble in their stomach by remembering the smell of cooked pork wafting in the air.
5. We are told that customers enjoy the unusual atmosphere of Lou’s coffee shop. What detail in paragraph 25 supports this idea?
The customer, Ben, goes about his morning as if Lou’s coffee shop was his own house. He gets a rag to wipe down his own table. Who would go into a service based industry and expect to do the cleaning for their table. Ben prepares his own meal behind the counter. Again, most patrons to any food service business do not want to cook their own food. The whole reason people go “out to eat” is so they don’t have to cook at home, clean up after themselves, or waste time doing anything but eating and enjoying the company of someone they are with. You can see here that people genuinely want to be there; just by the way Ben chooses to do his own work, and then pay for it in the process, when he is done.

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