Essay on Homeschooling

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Homeschooling: The Pencil May Not be as Sharp as You Think Some people have many opinions when the topic of education is brought up. Education is a great asset for the children of this country. It allows the intellects to grow even more and the average students to have the chance to further their personal education. Believe it or not, education is the key to a wonderful and successful society. It’s what drives this country to strive to be the best it can be. Upon the numerous topics of education, homeschooling is an important subject of the matter. It is also a very delicate subject to discuss because many people have a lot of experiences that touch close to home. Whether or not to homeschool is one of the major discussions that …show more content…
Also, bullying is becoming a bigger problem in this country. In order to try to stop bullying of their child, some parents take the homeschooled route to help the self-esteem of the child. And all in all, homeschooling can simply be easier for the student. If it makes the student’s life easier, most parents will indeed put their child through the homeschooling system just the make the lives easier all-around. Social lives are very important for a well-developed human being. With that being said, homeschooling deprives a child from an important social life that is a necessary part of childhood. It’s a special part of life that needs to be honored and respected. It also needs to be cherished once a well-rounded social life is achieved with individuals. In the article with an unknown author called “The Negative Effects and Aspects of Homeschooling,” the socializing aspects of homeschooling are brought up to the readers. It states, “Forming bonds and socializing with children their own age is important for the child’s developmental health and development of social skills.” This clarifies the importance of the social aspects of a child’s development. Also the lack of socializing can impact the student’s friendships in the long run. Healthy childhood friendships are good for all kinds of people, including those who are homeschooled. The only problem with those that are homeschooled is that it is more difficult for them to have

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