Homeschooling : The Safest Environment For Their Children Essay

1415 Words Apr 26th, 2016 6 Pages
Families that choose to homeschool their children believe home is the safest environment for their children to learn in. Children that homeschool don’t have to deal with peer pressure or trying to fit in with the popular kids. When there is no social aspect to school the child is given the opportunity to focus in on their studies. The reason homeschooling can be a safer environment is because parents can monitor the environment on a day to day basis. The parents choose what the environment should look like. This aspect of homeschooling can be a big positive however, it doesn’t prepare the child for the big world. In life we are faced with numerous different environments that we have to learn to adjust to. Children can only learn how to overcome peer pressure if they are faced with it. Classrooms in schools can be quiet the opposite of homeschool classrooms. Classrooms in schools are regularly not calm environments. However, this does not me a child cannot succeed in this environment. According to Grace Chen, “public schools argue that the chaos of the classroom is actually what children need to succeed” (Chen). Human are social beings. Children need to interact and work hands on with others in order to build skills needed in the real world. The mission of all schools whether it be public school, private school, or homeschool is to teach children how to read, solve math problems, and figure out problems in science. The difference in sending your child to school is that they…

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