Homeschooling Pros And Cons: Article Analysis

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A growing method of educating children is through homeschool, and this has become easier with the help of technology. Parents are more focused on teaching their children at home, which allows them to focus on their child’s individual needs rather than a collective education they would receive from schools. However, homeschooling is not as beneficial as many might feel; because even though the child would get individual attention, there would be a lot of sacrifices made on the parents part. Not only would there be sacrifices, but also homeschooling could actually leave out important subject matter for the child to learn, and this could affect their overall knowledge about a subject. Parents might find homeschooling a safer and easier method to educate their children, but it would affect the child’s social development as well with reduced interaction with other students. Comparing homeschooling with regular schools, there are many …show more content…
The article covers a range of benefits for homeschooling for children, as it allows the children to have more freedom in their academics. Furthermore, children have freedoms in their religious beliefs as well as emotional freedom which is quite important for children. Homeschooling allows parents to also be able to better adjust in case they are moving to a new locality or are going through a difficult time in which going to school can be seen as an additional responsibility. Children benefit from homeschools because they have the choice to learn anything they would like at any time they would like. Furthermore, unlike schools, homeschooling does not have a fixed timetable, and children can actually have their lessons at any time while also schedule their lessons based on their preference, which allows physical freedom to children. Overall, the article discusses the different freedoms that children gain from homeschooling and how it positively influences

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