Homeschooling Argumentative Paper

1361 Words Mar 28th, 2013 6 Pages
Stephanie Meschke
Professor Vadon
WRT 101-Section 055
25 March 2013
Home Schooling: is it a good idea? Many parents have often poundered on which type of educational setting would be best for their children. The most common way for children to receive their basic K-12 education is by attending a public school. However, there is one very different option, home schooling.
The advantages of home schooling are starting to be realized by more and more parents every year, by the growing # of children being home schooled. So, are there advantages to home schooling? With today’s society, this seems to be growing truer all the time. Of course, there seems to be many more advantages to teaching children from home,
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Yvonne Bunn was asked about whether she was worried about socialization. Ms Bunn had a very interesting reply, almost flip- flopping the question. She stated, “We had better be concerned with socialization, cuz socialization is one of the best reasons to home school. Just look at society today” (18). She went on to say that “home schooled children kids have

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