Homeschooling And Internet Schooling Is A Good Choice For Homeschooled Kids

1287 Words Apr 8th, 2016 6 Pages
As the public school system declines more and more people have been turning to homeschooling and internet schooling. Homeschooling is something that can help the parents put their own ideas and beliefs into the child’s mind other than a student’s teacher teaching topics that might possibly “ruin” the kid. Internet schooling is a good choice for homeschooled kids, it allows them to take certain classes while also still following the learning that their parents want for them. Kids could also go to a public school and take classes that aren’t offered at their schools, some students also take internet schooling as their whole school experience. Modern homeschooling and internet schooling have been growing ever since the 1970 's, although some people have felt that their experiences have been bad ever since there have been more controlling laws coming out, but since the laws change state to state some still have the freedom to teach or learn how they please. People have also grown to fear that if states control continue to grow then eventually the federal government will. The history of homeschooling starts way before the 1970’s, John Holt had started the reform for today’s modern form of homeschooling(“A Brief History of Homeschooling”). Homeschooling has “come to be seen as an acceptable educational alternative”(“A Brief History of Homeschooling”). Some of the earlier homeschooler “worked with their local school boards” they had to “[meet] requirements and [submit]” their…

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