Homeschooling And Home Education

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Homeschooling a child is the best education that can be given to them. Home education is where parents teach their children at home and have the option of using one curriculum or a combination of several curriculums. Whichever curriculum best fits the family’s schedule and the child’s learning style. It can be very personalized for each child’s needs, whether it is a strength or a weakness.
When someone hears that a family is homeschooling, many thoughts begin to run through their head. Questions begin to arise. What about socialization? What will you use for a curriculum? These are some of the many questions a homeschooling parent may be asked.
When a parent builds their own curriculum, they are able to tailor it to their child or
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They also are able to encourage them in the direction that they need to go. Parents usually spend more one on one time with them and are able to direct or educate them in those particular areas. This gives the child opportunity to practice what they want to do for a possible future job or career. Whereas, with public school teachers, because they are often in a room full of students, the teacher may not always be able to recognize all of their student’s abilities and encourage them in their areas of …show more content…
Studies have shown that more sleep is received when you are homeschooled. Even though the same amount of educational hours is required by the state for all students, homeschoolers generally have more flexibility in their schedule. Homeschooled kids don’t have to worry about catching a bus or driving to school. They don’t have to worry about being tardy for class. If they are sick, they can still get homework done. Their practices, whether it is school related or extracurricular, are not scheduled really early in the morning. In public school, a child may wait to catch the bus, stand and wait in line for lunch, wait for the rest of the class to finish their assignments. Much time is wasted, waiting…waiting…waiting. How boring. Especially when they could be getting extra sleep or having fun, instead of just waiting on someone

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