Homeschooled Education Versus Public Education Essay examples

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Homeschooled education versus Public education
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that public education in the United States is a serious problem that keeps getting worse. It’ no surprise that public school system in a decline and more parents doubt the effectiveness of public schools by switching their children to homeschooling. Advocates of traditional public school system claim that public school is a best place for a child to get knowledge, thrive and better prepare for adult life. Opponents of public schools suggest that every child is unique and try to stay away from government authoritarianism in education. It might be a rationale in both cases, but parents should have rights to educate their children at home because of better academic performance of homeschoolers, opportunity to save public funds, and a safer environment that homeschooling provides.
Children who educated at home tend to show better academic performance and usually don’t have any issues communicating with both peers and adults. The problem with public schools is that they use too standardized approaches in education and this harms individuality of a child. A traditional school doesn’t always create an environment where children thrive and who knows how many smart scientists like Einstein, artists like Dali, writers like Hemingway societies have lost because of dullness of public educational system. On the contrary, homeschoolers are less affected by external factors so that the parents are able to…

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