Homer 's Odyssey : A Tale Of True Heroism Essay

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Homer’s Odyssey is a tale of true heroism and it entails many means that the reader will pick up on, each of which has its own significance. This story covers what it really means to be devoted to love and family. Odysseus in this story is the poster child for overcoming adversity and hardship in order to be successful. There isn’t just one overall meaning to this poem because all of the smaller images are what really make the bigger picture so incredible. This story isn’t merely a tale of a hero returning home, rather, it is a story of the loyalty and spiritual growth that lead up to Odysseus homecoming. Loyalty is a powerful force in life and can lead a person toward both success and failure. Odysseus was not loyal in the sense of fidelity to Penelope, due to the fact that he had relations with two goddesses throughout his journey home, but he did remain loyal to his quest to eventually return to his wife. Many ordinary men would have given up on what seemed to be an impossible journey very early on, but not Odysseus. He remained true to his intentions of returning home for 10 long years no matter how difficult that proved to be. There were plenty of opportunities in which he could’ve taken the easy way out and deserted his plans but he persevered. When Odysseus was trapped by the goddess Calypso he could have given into the temptation of immortality and remained on the island with her forever but he knew in his heart he belonged with Penelope in Ithaka. He could have…

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