Homer: The Creator Of Greek Mythology

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Zachary Lovell
Professor Baker
English 2 Honors
December 6, 2017
Homer The creator of Greek Mythology

In Ancient Greece, many wonderfully talented and intelligent people have been created and shaped to become what they are known as now but, of all the people to come out of Greece, the most famous of all was Homer. Homer has an unknown history and little known early life which has had many historians scrambling to know. Homer however, has many great achievements that are noteworthy including being the author of the wildly famous Greek stories the Iliad and the Odyssey, creating other short stories for Greek Mythology and otherwise and creating his own writing style. Homer has been one of the most influential person in history and that same
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Homers writing style is very complex and filled with literary devices of all kinds. The writing style is very similar to other styles in the areas he lived in and James Lloyd said, “Because the dialect of Homer’s works is composed in an archaic form of Ionian Greek and he displays a familiarity with the geography of Asia Minor in the Iliad”. Using the sound of his literature because he was an oral poet, James Lloyd shows that you can track down the spot where Homer lived in or near and his influences for his writing style to a certain …show more content…
This sentence clearly wraps up Homers live in to a summary. Homer has shown to have an unknown past and place of birth but, has shown up in Greek history to become the greatest poet and writer in all the old world. He has created classic writings like the Iliad and the Odyssey and created Greek Mythology to expand on his stories’ supernatural side. Homer also accomplished the goal of being on of the world’s biggest and best influence on literature and everyday life. You can see how influential and important Homer was to Greece and the world. That is how and why Homer is so famous and important to

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