Homer And Hesiod: Representatives Of The Mythic World View

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-Discuss in detail how homer and Hesiod are representatives of the mythic world view with respect to the essential characteristics of the world view.

The mythic world views characteristics includes cosmogony’s, gods and goddess , mythical creatures . A main characteristic is believing that gods and goddess influence everything.
Homer and Hesiod include gods and goddess in their poems while having them influence the characters in the poems. Homer and Hesiod are representatives of the mythic world view because they demonstrate mythology into their teachings and writings.
Homer and Hesiod believe that situations turn out a certain way because of things the gods and goddess do. They give into the believe that these gods and goddess control
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Thales’ philosophy had favored physical explanations over mythical explanations. He departed from this worldview by focusing his thoughts on things that can be observed physically.
He used mythology by discrediting the beliefs and explain what really happened.
He would do this by saying that a phenomenon occurred because of a certain situation and did not believe mythical explanations.
Thales also believed that all things are filled with gods however this also means he steered away from the mythological idea that there are gods and goddesses in the sky.
He is moving away from the idea that gods and goddess are in the sky, far away from us, and focuses on gods being inside us. He moves towards this idea because of his belief that “the nature of things is water.” Thales believes that everything is made from/of water. This is different to the cosmogony beliefs that the mythical world view believes in. The mythical world view would put creating into a myth while Thales says we are created from water. Thales using the word water is important because Thales is putting physical proof into our
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Water is a key aspect in Majority things. Water brings food in the form of rain and helping the crops grow, water helps us transport to other places on boats, water is also needed to help us continuing functioning. Thales might not have known these reasons as deeply as we do today, but he still was on the right track. To Thales water was a controlling form when it came to nature and the human body. Water, being physical, gave Thales an object to show how we are created since it’s not mythical. Since Thales was a philosopher who believed more in physical than mythical he would thing water was everything because water was all around

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