Homeostasis Research Paper

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Homeostasis Maintenance
Sophia McKinney
Biology II / BIO1021 SO1
Faculty: Krishna Sarker
South University Online

Maintenance of Homeostasis The human body must maintain a certain level of pH in order to survive. The blood pH varies from 7.35 to 7.45 and is called acidosis anything with a lower balance is called the alkalosis (Cannon, W.B., (2014). The meaning of homeostasis is the same and standing. The definition of homeo would be the same and stasis would mean standing or staying. The functions of the human body is a major part of homeostasis and the inability to keep these functions working properly will cause diseases or even death. For example if your body temperature drops below 7.0 or above 7.7 you will die. The body must
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Your internal body temperature should stay at a certain set point. The set point for the inner body temperature would be about 37.4 degrees Celsius but rise or fall between 0.5 or so degrees C. If the body temperature falls below a certain point one will die from hypothermia and if the body temperature rise above a certain point you will die from hyperthermia. The human body must keep an internal dynamic equilibrium rather than keeping stability. The inner organs have to stay a certain temperature at all times or you will …show more content…
Homeostasis is needed in order to keep internal organs stable when changes happen within the body. The body have different types of hormones that have certain jobs to perform. Hormones releases certain chemicals that will have a good or bad effect on the body. Hormones have to be at a certain level if not you will become sick.

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