Homeopathy In America Essay

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Derek Revisky
History 102
Eric Chase

A Brief History of Homeopathy in America

As a medic in the army I began my career knowing absolutely nothing about medicine. At the beginning of my training I was trained to respond to catastrophic injuries and situations. During my first deployment, my soldiers began (for reasons I know understand as more complicated) not responding to Ibuprofen and water as a cure for aches and pains. Coming back from that deployment I understood that I was limited by my professional license as well as my duties in my profession to only practice medicine that I was limited to. So I began with the help of my provider an interdisciplinary on how alternative medicine could be used in response to the chronic sports
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His cures often required 1 part cure to 9 parts water or alcohol. Depending on a multitude of factors such as weight, age, mood, illness, and the cure would factor in to how many time he would dilute this mixture by only ten drops of the cure to a new batch of water or alcohol. Homeopathy in America began because although both the allopath and homeopath wanted the body to expel the disease out of the body, their methods varied vastly. Homeopathy boomed in popularity in Vermont during the year of 1826. This was because the local apothecary began to sell what was called a domestic kit. Which contained basic cures and methods of homeopathy. In 1844 the first-ever national medical organization in America, the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH), was founded. The allopath’s formed an organization, The American Medical Association (AMA) three years later. One of the first acts the of the AMA was to permanently ban homeopaths from membership. Despite the fact at the time both Homeopath and Allopath certification required identical training. The AMA began to run slanderous advertisements denouncing homeopathy stating that greedy and ignorant foreigners were spreading it. This seemingly ignored the fact that all early allopath’s were trained in

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